Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my birthday

my birthday i got alot of stuff for my birthday i got jazz blanket and jazz pillow it was cool to have jazz blanket and pillow and i got alot of shirts and pants and shoes and i got a train clock and my bingo game and my jersey of jeter on it he play for the yankees they didn't make it in the playoffs i love the yankees and i got we went to lunch for my birthday i got rootbeers and drinks and i got a new fridge in my room it was cool i got rootbeer in it now i have alot of rootbeer in it and i got movie tickets and my razor we went to chills i had good birthday

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24th of July

we went to the rodeo on july 21th we went to party to isaac party after that we see horses and cops at rodeo and party it was really fun rodeo clown was funny to see on the motorcycle over the truck it was cool we went parade on 24th of july my favorite thinng was fire trucks and cops and ambulances and motorcycles we went to grandma higginsons house for lunch it wwas really fun we ran races it was fun

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

camping on the 4th of july

we went to four wheeler and we sleep in the tents and we had breakfast we had pancakes and we had eggs and tomorrow morning we are going to parade tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning and last night the jazz won by alot last night it was good game last night utah jazz on tomorrow night and parade will be cool tomorrow night and we will see alot of cops tomorrow morning at parade tomorrow morning

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my graduation

i got alot of presents and everyone went to my graduation and my graduation it was cool i got alot of candy and police radio and cell phone and the owls season tickets and we went to the old spaghetti factory i got a money clip i went to over the carlsons they gave me a cake and i went to swimming pool party after the carlsons everyone were there at pool party it was fun we sign yearbooks there


the horse show is really great and i came in 2nd place and it was cool and i ride really big horse and and i went to orem owls game last saturday it was good game i am going to again on july 12th it will be a really good game and in 2 weeks big football game here in 2 weeks and ti will be good game in 2 weeks and springville at spanish fork dons and go dons beat red devils and i hope we win in first game it will be cool we made a touchdown first it will be cool and everyone is going to the game and the game will be cool and i love football after football season is over basketball starts and i love football and basketball and baseball and Boston Celtics are new NBA finals champions my horse show was great.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the cruise

we went on the big boat we went to mexico and san diego and me and james we went to hot tub all night long with his friends and we saw accident in las vegas and it was huge accident and we walk on catalina island and we went to shopping in mexico and we eat mexican taco and we have a tour on navy boat and we walk everywhere and we drive to cailfornia in nine hours i sit down alot in the car and the navy boat was cool and i got wet in the ocean it was cool i see the ocean police truck i was not tired at the major baseball game texas rangers at angels and the angels lost by six points it was good game the angels lost by texas rangers and it was bad game the angels lost by six points and i hang out with james all night long in the hot tub with his friends and me and james we are buddys

Me and my dad playing in the ocean

Me, Wes, and Jill playing in the ocean

Me and my sister Erin - Me, Wes, Kensie, Mackenzie, James, Mark, and Brooklyn

Me at the Anaheim Angels baseball game

Our boat!

Me and my sister looking at the Navy planes in San Diego

Touring the USS Midway Navy ship

In the control room on the Navy boat

Me and James touring the Navy boat

I had to stop and get my rootbeer on the Navy boat

Formal dinners on the cruise ship

Me, James, and Mackenzie on the deck of our ship

The whole gang - me, mom, dad, Allison, Jana, Erin, Doug, James, Mackenzie, Wes, Kensie, Brooklyn, Jill, Mark

At dinner with my family

Hot tubbin' all night with my friends

At the chocolate buffet at midnight on the ship

Me and my family at Catalina Island

On the Catalina ferry

Me, Mark, Jill, and Mackenzie at Catalina Island

Me and Mark at Catalina Island

On the bus in Mexico At the blow hole in Ensenada Mexico

Me, my mom and dad in Ensenada Mexico

Doug's birthday on the ship

At dinner with my waiter Cornelio

Chillin with James, Wes, Kensie, Brooklyn, my dad, Mackenzie, and my dad